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White Wine of the House  
Villányi Fehér Cuvée
Vylyan Pincészet | 2012
Dry white wine from Villany. Blended from Welschriesling and Rhine Riesling Lively, zesty, fresh character - for those who like it light. Its bouquet and taste resemble lemony fruits (grapefruit) and elderflowers. The naturally preserved carbon dioxide helps to express gentle and smooth acidity. Purely embodies the wine for everyday drinking.
2 900 Ft / 0,75l
390 Ft / dl
White Wines  
Badacsonyi Rizling "Friss"
Laposa Pincészet | 2012
Low carbon dioxide content, and thanks to its crisp acidity and moderately full flavors perfectly suited to a joyful conversation, but you will not be offended if you consume as a refreshing spritzer.
3 200 Ft / 0,75 l
Mátrai Irsai Olivér
Bárdos és Fia | 2012
This attractive wine made from grape of sunny Manósi field, it has a green-white color, intensive fresh aromas remembering to orange-flowers.
3 200 Ft / 0,75 l
430 Ft / dl
Mátrai Sauvignon Blanc
Bárdos és Fia | 2012
The vintage from Manosi field , elegant fruity scent –elder blossom, paprika, blackcurrant-,with light, lively acids. Elegant white wine. One of the most well-liked wine in its wine region. We recommend it to poultry and fish. Serve it at 8-10 C.
3 200 Ft / 0,75 l
Budajenői Aligvárom
(Chardonnay, Irsai Olivér, Rizlingszilváni)
Nyakas Pince | 2012
Master combination of three varietals. The wine has a mirror-like light straw-yellow color. Its bouquet is clean, intense, minding us of floral fields in the springtime, different fruits and discreet spicy notes.
3 200 Ft / 0,75 l
430 Ft / dl
Etyek-Budai Etyeki Chardonnay
Haraszthy Pincészet
HVP Borcsalád | 2012
Cantaloupe and pineapple on nose. Fresh, vivid and easy drinking but at the same time it has a more serious oily body and fruitiness on palate.
3 200 Ft / 0,75 l
430 Ft / dl
Tokaji 3 Puttonyos Aszú
Tokajicum Borház | 2007
Well-timed selection of aszú berries - even in an average vintage enables our wine to possess a fruity, botrityzed character.
5 500 Ft / 0,5 l
Dunántúli Olaszrizling
Tűzkő Birtok | 2012
190 Ft / dl
Rosé Wines  
Pázmándi Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé
Szent István Korona Pincészet | 2011 / 2012
The Cabernet Sauvignon rosé from our Pázmánd vineyards surges with overtones of fresh and raspberries. Its crisp flavour with hints of succulent red fruit makes it an ideal accompaniment for pasta, poultry, rare meat dishes, and seafood.
2 700 Ft / 0,75 l
360 Ft / dl
Szekszárdi Rosé
Vida Családi Borbirtok | 2012
This fresh fruity wine is a blend of blue grapes, Pinot Noir, Kékfranos and Kadarka Its great perfume and pleasant bouquet makes it aperfect companion to light meals, salads, grilled meat, or just asummer evening chat.
190 Ft / dl
Red Wine of the House  
Villányi Vörös Cuvée
Vylyan Pincészet | 2009
This classical lively red from Villány. The nose and palate pleasantly cites red berries (sour cherry, raspberry) melded with a touch of spiciness. Lovely, easy going well balanced wine with velvety, elegant tannins and silky acidity. It is a lovely wine for everyday drinking and it is a good match with Hungarian and Italian cuisine. We suggest consuming it at 14-15 °C.
3 700 Ft / 0,75 l
490 Ft / dl
Red Wines  
Villányi Kopar Cuvée
Gere Attila | 2009
The wine owns a deep purple colour. In the nose it is lively and already nicely round: ripe, intensive, soft and warm. In the front there is blackberry, plum, chocolate with some toast, coffee and a touch of fennel in the background. It owns a nice lively acidity, which helps to show deeper layers of the wine.
5 500 Ft / 0,75 l
Dunántúli Kékfrankos
Tűzkő Birtok | 2011
190 Ft / dl
Villányi "Ördög" Cuvée
Vylyan Pincészet | 2009
A blend based on local / Hungarian varieties. The spice, zest, and rich fruitiness of Gamay, Kadarka, and Zweigelt are complemented with the warmth of Merlot.
5 500 Ft / 0,75 l
Egri Tréfli Cuvée
Thummerer Vilmos | 2009 | édes
This wines deep ruby colour, rich multi-fragrancedaroma praises its place in year of making. Rich aromas harsh palate with fine tannins showing fine deep balance, fiery long finish tempts one to taste again and again.
5 500 Ft / 0,75 l
730 Ft / dl
Villányi Royal Cuvée
Bock József Pincészete | 2008
Thanks to its almost Mediterranean climate, the Villány wine region traditionally produces deep coloured, full-bodied and velvety red wines. The characteristic and intensive fragrance of Pinot noir, its stronger acid backbone and rich flavour, as well as the elegant barrique maturing are the real experience in this harmonious wine.
10 500 Ft / 0,75 l
Villányi Portugieser
Tiffán Ede & Zsolt | 2012
This is the most common red wine type of the region and in no region does it give such good wine as here. It is a fast maturing type. After the September picking by the end of November it has been bottled. It has a taste and scent reminiscent of violet, and it is a deep red mild wine with wonderful harmony.
4 200 Ft / 0,75 l
560 Ft / dl
Egri Cabernet Sauvignon
Juhász Testvérek Pincészete | 2011
Ruby coloured wine abounding in spicy aroma, mellowed beatifully to be a red wine of good body, endowed with all the virtues typical of the wine area of Eger.
3 900 Ft / 0,75 l
520 Ft / dl
Szekszárdi Merlot
Vida Csakádi Borbirtok | 2011
The velvety Merlot is an outstanding repersentative of Szekszárd. Exhibiting an extensive ageing ability and length, it has a floral, mainly red rose, bouquet, and fruity notes of raspberry and prune. A fine accompaniment of special moments. To be drunk between 17 and 18 °C.
3 900 Ft / 0,75 l
520 Ft / dl
Törley Charmant Doux 3 500Ft / 0,75 l
Hungária Extra Dry 4 500Ft / 0,75 l
Il Moscato 4 500 Ft / 0,75 l
Lambrosco Reggiano 4 500 Ft / 0,75 l
Spirits / Grappa  
Árpád vadász vackor 1 190 Ft / 4cl
Árpád csabai házi szilva 990 Ft / 4cl
Agárdi Waxxx Almálna 990 Ft / 4cl
Bottega Olasz Crema Gianduia Paestum-Csokis 790 Ft / 4cl
Bottega Olasz Crema Limone Cellini 590 Ft / 4cl